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Winter can be beautiful with sights like sunshine sparkling off snow covered trees. Skaters and skiers, snow ploughs and shovels all contribute to the sights and sounds of winter. For those who enjoy winter sports this is a wonderful time, but for those with asthma triggered by cold air, it is a time for advance planning. Although cold air is a common asthma trigger, its effects can be anticipated and prevented from having an impact by taking a reliever medication 10-15 minutes prior to exposure. Other triggers common to the winter season are hockey arenas where a combination of cold air, exhaust and vapors from the ice cleaning machines often trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms. Lastly there is exercise induced asthma. Exercise induced asthma commonly presents 10 minutes after the exercise has begun or following exercise and is best managed by keeping your asthma well controlled and, if prescribed, taking a reliever medication 10 -15 minutes before exercising. The good news is that outdoor activities can be done with proper planning.